FISITA (UK) Ltd Board

The FISITA (UK) Ltd Board is the corporate board of FISITA and is responsible for financial compliance and governance, as well as planning, delivery, sustainability and all operational, personnel, and regulatory and corporate governance compliance.

FISITA (UK) Ltd Board Members:

Mr. Richard Gotch


Specialist in Communications for Automotive Technology Businesses
Richard Gotch Ltd

Dr. Mircea Gradu FSAE

Non-Executive Director

Senior Vice President & Chief Engineering Officer

Ballard Power Systems, Inc.

Mrs. Katie Milbourn

Non-Executive Director

Director of Group HR

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd

Dr. Nick Reed

Non-Executive Director


Reed Mobility

Mrs. Sophie Schmidtlin

Non-Executive Director

Alliance Global VP for Research and Advanced Engineering

Groupe Renault

Mr. Chris Mason

Chief Executive Officer