The international membership organisation
for the technology of mobility community

FISITA provides the platform for collaborative thought leadership which supports the world’s automotive and mobility systems leaders and engineers to achieve their goals and push the boundaries of technology.


FISITA is the international membership organisation for the technology of mobility community.

We are committed to promoting excellence in mobility engineering by cultivating international engagement and peer group collaboration within our pre-competitive environment, bringing businesses together to ensure mobility remains sustainable and accessible to all.

FISITA brings together the international community of mobility systems leaders and engineers through delivering our mix of digital and in-person engagement, creating technical and strategic activities, enabling network and community opportunities with valuable outcomes. We believe the engagement approach created in collaboration with our members delivers a unique and beneficial experience for all within your company, from student to CTO. 

Vision, Mission & New Era Strategy

Promoting Excellence in Mobility Engineering  

To create a platform for collaborative thought leadership and support for the world’s automotive and mobility systems leaders and engineers, helping them to achieve their goals and continue to push the boundaries of technology while maintaining high ethical standards, delivering continuous improvement, and enabling progress that will benefit society. 

New Era Strategy
To deliver digital and in-person member engagement, aligned with the technological and strategic priorities of FISITA members, which enables effective and efficient peer group engagement within the international community of FISITA. Reducing the necessity for travel, while increasing engagement opportunity, value & benefit, wrapped in a two-year cadence of activity, focussed on adding value while reducing burden.

Blended engagement approach

The collaborative approach between FISITA and our international membership community, encompassing both digital and in-person engagement, drives the new era of FISITA. The strategic blend of digital and in-person interactions, coupled with a two-year work cycle between each World Mobility Conference, fulfills our members’ needs. This approach supports meaningful connections and engagement, focusing on real-world challenges and opportunities for the technology of mobility industry. FISITA is leading the way in how engagement needed to evolve and adapt to meet the need of its community, creating a modern member-led organisation for the international technology of mobility leaders and engineers.

Digital Engagement

FISITA, with over seven decades of history, facilitates enhanced peer dialogue by combining both in-person to digital engagement.

Expert Groups convene frequently in the digital setting of FISITA, connecting members worldwide and delivering vital engagement—reducing time, travel, and expense.

In-Person Engagement

We recognise the importance of in-person events and the need for the community to meet with the right people, for the right reasons, at the right time.

We have made a significant investment in our long-standing tradition: the FISITA World Mobility Conference, Barcelona, serving as the biennial flagship event for the global technology of mobility community.

To answer our members’ and the community’s expectations, FISITA organises the following subject specific events: the World Mobility Summit, EuroBrake, and the Intelligent Safety Conference in both China and Europe. These immersive events take place during the World Mobility Conference and also independently, in alternate years.

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