At FISITA, we’re committed to driving excellence and innovation in the technology of mobility industry through collaboration, expertise, and forward-thinking initiatives. Our committees play a crucial role in shaping the future of mobility engineering, supporting professional development, and promoting industry-wide collaboration.

Education Committee

The FISITA Education Committee is dedicated to advancing mobility engineering education globally. Comprised of leading academics and experts from around the world, this committee works to develop and promote best practices in engineering education, facilitate knowledge exchange, and support future generations of leaders and engineers.

For further information regarding the FISITA Education Committee please contact:

FISITA Chief Engagement Officer, Julie Geraud.

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  1. Develop a year-round student opportunities programme, to include objective 2.
    Consider how FISITA may offer student support/opportunity throughout each year – with an approach that will be beneficial to students, young engineers and the community, but not complex, inefficient or expensive
  2. Develop significant SOP for biennial Barcelona conference
    Aligned with the intent of FISITA’s new era strategy, this initiative should be a meaningful opportunity – students and young people will need to achieve in a competitive process, with attendance, contribution and engagement at TMCE the reward
  3. Collaborate with the FISITA head office team in development of the FISITA Foundation
    FISITA CEO to lead the re-commencement of the Foundation programme as a means of raising funding independently to support the growth aspirations for FISITA to support less privileged, less able people to take their first career steps within the technology of mobility community. EC to engage with network awareness and development contribution, ensuring constructive and influential leadership engagement
  4. Re-introduce a meaningful bursary programme in 2024
    Begin with the reintroduction of a manageable and affordable initiative. Importantly, the bursary programme must pro-actively seek to support less privileged or able people, internationally. Create development plans which build incremental growth and opportunity over two year cycles, with defined milestones and deliverables
  5. Advise and support HQ team develop and establish Academic Membership of FISITA
    EC leadership team to collaborate with FISITA CEO/team to ensure strong advisory dialogue is established in construct, development and delivery phases and assume a leadership role within the strategic advancement of the programme from inception.
  6. Review Mentor Programme
    Prepare and deliver review of the original Mentor Programme, in collaboration with FISITA colleagues produce proposals and plans which see the initiative deliver phase two of growth via electronic and automated process, enabling efficiency in connecting mentors with mentees.
  • Hold regular, focussed EC meetings online
  • Hold x2 EC in-person meetings per year (April Detroit, autumn at Summit)
  • Deliver EC annual report & advisory proposals to FISITA Executive Board
  • Establish Vice President’s Knowledge Share (tbc)

Society Committee

The Society Committee focuses on strengthening the global network of mobility engineering professionals within the FISITA community. 

This committee works to facilitate and enhance member engagement, providing networking opportunities, and delivering collaboration among the national engineering society community. 

The Society community drives a vibrant and inclusive community that drives innovation and excellence around a priority agenda which is progressive and aligned with the real-world challenges and opportunities of the national engineering society community.

For further information regarding the FISITA Society Committee please contact:

FISITA Chief Engagement Officer, Julie Geraud.

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  1. Develop and deliver new-era membership proposition with Society Member leaders
    Develop and deliver a meaningful community discussion and ongoing dialogue regarding the value of Society Membership and opportunities to modernise in alignment with member challenges/opportunities and building a beneficial and sustainable future with relevant opportunities to enhance benefit and international engagement
  2. Create network, technical & commercial benefits within 1.
    Taking knowledge gathered from 1:1 discussions with Society Member leaders, develop long-term opportunities of value in the three key areas; network/technical/commercial.
    Strive to achieve a ‘no-cost’ membership, with opportunity for individual Societies to create revenue streams from FISITA related activities
  3. Create collaborative opportunity of significant value for Barcelona 2025
    Consider with Society Member leaders, how the Barcelona community event can become a highly relevant opportunity for each Society to ‘bring their nation’ to the biennial event – creating relevance, influence, network and revenue opportunities for each Society Member
  4. Open Member Working Group contribution to SM community
    Enable each national Society to be the gateway to experts joining FISITA Working Groups and trial an open access to the FISITA Digital library to all Society Member, members
  • Hold regular, focussed SC meetings online
  • Hold x2 SC in-person meetings per year (April Detroit, autumn at Summit)
  • Deliver SC annual report & advisory proposals to FISITA Executive Board
  • Establish Vice President’s Knowledge Share (tbc)

Industry & Technical Committee

The Industry & Technical Committee advises and supports FISITA in the development of technical content, including the member-led expert working groups, Digital Library, and events, ensuring that output meets the needs and requirements of members. 

Taking a broad view of the mobility ecosystem, the Industry & Technical Committee reviews and responds to current technologies, and explores longer-term industry trends, with a view to actively supporting the development of FISITA Corporate Membership, Society engagement, and member contribution. 

For further information regarding the Industry & Technical Committee please contact:

FISITA Chief Technology Officer, Martin Kahl.

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  • Hold regular, focussed ITC meetings online
  • Hold x2 ITC in-person meetings per year (April Detroit, autumn at Summit)
  • Deliver ITC annual report & advisory proposals to FISITA Executive Board
  • Establish Vice President’s Knowledge Share (tbc)

Education Committee Members

  • Friedrich Wolf-Monheim
    Ford Motor Company
    Vice President
  • Ouafae El Ganaoui-Mourlan
    IFP School
    Deputy Vice President
  • Ludek Hyncik
    NTC University
  • Thomas van Berkel
    ACE Mobility
  • Harry Watson
    RMIT University
  • Jan Lesinsky
    Slovak Technical University (STU)
  • Markku Ikonen
    Turku University
  • Tomasz Bokowski
    University of West Bohemia
  • Simon Jäckel
    VDI – Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
  • Ebtissem Bouguila
  • Shingu Ozaki
    Yokohama National University
  • Kwang Min Chun
    Yonsei University

Society Committee Members

  • Jose Manuel Barrios
    IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
    Vice President
  • Yves Arbeille

    Deputy Vice President
  • Yuichi Azuma
  • Klaus Kompass
  • Raitis Mazjanis
    RP SIA Rigas Satiksme
  • Murli M. Iyer
    SAE International
  • Lutz Richter


  • Kanagaraj Venkataraj
  • Ju Wang
    Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE China)
  • Kalle Kalaja
    Suomen Autoteknillinen Liitto r.y. (SATL)
  • Christof Kerkhoff
    VDI – Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
  • Ingemar Johansson
    Swedish Vehicular Engineering Association (SVEA)

Industry & Technical Committee Members

  • Feng Shen
    NIO Co., Ltd.
    VP – Industry
  • Christophe Aufrère
    VP – Technical
  • Arwel Davies
  • Sanjay S Nibandhe
    Automotive Research Association of India
  • Mircea Gradu
    Ballard Power Systems, Inc.
  • Xuming Zhang
    CSAE – China SAE
  • Ondrej Vaculin
    Ingolstadt Technical University
  • Genya Ishigami
    Keio University
  • Deepak Sawkar
    Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  • Patrick Bastard
    Renault Group
  • Liling Zhang
  • Pat Bassett
    DENSO International America Inc
  • Karl Siebertz
  • Brendan Carberry
    Ford-Werke GmbH
  • Daniel E. Nicholson
    General Motors Company
  • Remi Bastien
    Renault Group
  • Matthias Klauda
    Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Chandan Sawhney
    Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Hiroaki Okuchi
    Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Jianmin GU
    Valeo Group China HQ